Davis Monthan, the Boneyard

While on my way to the annual Kenpo karate World Championships, which were to be held in Long Beach California in 2014, I visited some aviation highlights in California, Arizona and Nevada. One of those destinations was Davis Monthan Air Force base, wich is home to the Aircraft Maintanance And Regeneration Group (AMARG) commonly known as “The Boneyard”.

At AMARG some 4000 retired aircraft reside in the Arizona desert, waiting for their fate. Some return to service with the US armed forces or some alied military force, some serve as spare parts provider and others just get scrapped when their time has come.

Also there is the Pima Air and Space Museum, where some 230 aircraft that have mostly come from AMARG are preserved.

Below are my pictures from this awesome place, which were taken from outside the fence, inside the museum and from the bus during the tour of the facility.

IMG 1491

IMG 1493

IMG 1495

IMG 1514

IMG 1546

IMG 1638

IMG 1640

IMG 1641

IMG 1642

IMG 1649

IMG 1659

IMG 1661

IMG 1669

IMG 1672

IMG 1673

IMG 1678

IMG 1685

IMG 1687

IMG 1688

IMG 1689

IMG 1696

IMG 1699

IMG 1706

IMG 1708

IMG 1717

IMG 1719

IMG 1725

IMG 1736

IMG 1737 kopie

IMG 1738 kopie

IMG 1745 kopie

IMG 1752 kopie

IMG 1753

IMG 1755

IMG 1772

IMG 1773

IMG 1774

IMG 1775

IMG 1779

IMG 1782

IMG 1783

IMG 1787

IMG 1789

IMG 1797

IMG 1800

IMG 1817

IMG 1830

IMG 1836

IMG 1837

IMG 1838

IMG 1846

IMG 1850

IMG 1852

IMG 1858

IMG 1871

IMG 1874

IMG 1878

IMG 1880

IMG 1884

IMG 1900

IMG 1937

IMG 1942

IMG 1943

IMG 1946

IMG 1947

IMG 1949

IMG 1954

IMG 2130

IMG 2131

IMG 2221

IMG 2226

IMG 2236

IMG 2243

IMG 2340

IMG 2341

IMG 2358

IMG 2359

IMG 2368

IMG 2369

IMG 2388

IMG 2461

IMG 2462

Scans of pictures from the 90’s

In the 90’s we used to travel to former East Germany whenever a Russian regiment was to be retired from it’s base, back to storage fields in Russia. Also we went to the Ukraine to take pictures of aircraft that were rare in Western Europe. Below are a few scans of pictures made in those days. Stay tuned for more!

MiG.25 at Dnepropetrovsk-Voloskoye
MiG.25 at Dnepropetrovsk-Voloskoye
MiG.23UB at Großenhain
MiG.23UB at Großenhain
MiG.27K at Finsterwalde
MiG.27K at Finsterwalde
Su.15 at Kramatorsk
Su.15 at Kramatorsk
Su.17M3 at Templin
Su.17M3 at Templin
Su.17M3 at Templin
Su.17M3 at Templin
Su.17M3 at Templin
Su.17M3 at Templin