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Dassault Mirage III E, Armée de l’Air, Chateaudun

Dassault Mirage III E from the French Armée de l’Air at the airshow at Chateaudun in 1987.

Embraer Emb.121AA Xingu, Armée de l’Air, Nancy Ochey

Embraer Emb.121AA Xingu from the French Armée de l’Air on its way to the runway at Nancy Ochey during the 1985 airshow.

Aerospatiale AS.555AN Fennec, Armée de l’Air, Paris Le Bourget

Armée de l’Air Aerospatiale AS.555AN Fennec at the 2001 airshow at Paris Le Bourget.

Dassault MD.312 Flamant, Armée de l’Air, Chateaudun

In 1985 a rather large number of Dassault MD.312 Flamants were stored at Chateaudun in France. Some Noratlas’s and a T-33A can also be seen in these pictures…

Dassault Alpha Jet E, Armée de l’Air, Soesterberg

During the airshow at Soesterberg in september 1984, the Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France used the taxitrack along the fence to get to the runway.

Dassault Mirage 3RD, Armée de l’Air, Chateaudun

Dassault Mirage 3RD from the French Armée de l’Air at the static display during the 1987 airshow at Chateaudun.

Alouette II, Gendarmerie, Nancy Ochey

Alouette II from the French Gendarmerie, IIRC at the 1986 airshow at Nancy Ochey.

Lockheed KC-130J, Armée de l’Air, Eindhoven

Dassault Mirage 2000C, Armee de l’Air, Cambrai Epinoy

Dassault Mirage 2000C taxiing down the flightline at Cambrai during the Tigermeet airshow in 1986.

Dassault Mirage 4P, Armee de l’Air, Mont-de-Marsan

Dassault Mirage 4P taxiing towards the runway at Mont-de-Marsan airshow in1985.