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Ukraine 1996 (part 2)

Due to the length of this report, it’s divided in 4 parts. Click on the part you’d like to read:
Part 1 September 7 – 8, 1996
Part 2 September 9 – 11, 1996
Part 3 September 12 – 14, 1996
Part 4 September 15 – 21, 1996


On this monday morning we started with our first Ukrainian military field. Unfortunately the only thing we saw were tailtips.

Stry’y, september 9th, 1996

75 rdTu.16DA Stored
 Su.9VVS Derelict, No mks.

The aeponopt of L’viv was a lot better.

L’vov-Skilnov, september 9th, 1996

EK-85166Tu.154B1Armenian Airlines76A-166 
87 rdAn.12BP 9346809Stored, No mks.
01 blueMiG.21  Stored, no mks., Subtype ?
03 o/lMiG.27  Stored, no mks., Subtype ?
07 o/lMiG.27  Stored, no mks., Subtype ?
11 blueMiG.27  Stored, no mks., Subtype ?
14 blueMiG.27  Stored, no mks., Subtype ?
UR-42544Yak.42 11151004n/t
UR-11314An.12Avialiniï Ukraïny  
UR-46305An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny97305205 
UR-76778Il.76MDAvialiniï Ukraïny83482502 
UR-42358Yak.42DAvialiniï Ukraïny4520422811413 
UR-42369Yak.42DAvialiniï Ukraïny452042291419 
 An.12BPEbrojni Sili Ukraïni9346802 ?Stored, c/n noted as “93468012”
03 blueAn.12BPEbrojni Sili Ukraïni8346106 
73 blAn.12Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
83 blAn.12BPEbrojni Sili Ukraïni1400301 
86 blAn.12BPEbrojni Sili Ukraïni4342610 
88 blAn.12Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
23 blAn.24TEbrojni Sili Ukraïni911405 
20 blAn.26Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni7705 ? 
22 blAn.26BEbrojni Sili Ukraïni11607 
49 blAn.26Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
51 blMiG.23UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
22 blMi.8TEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
UR-42403Yak.42DMoldovian Airlines4520422116588 
UR-42540Yak.42Moldovian Airlines11140604 

At this place we found out that our radiator was leaking, the coolingliquid was pooring out. While filling it from time to time we drove on to Ryvne when we found out first MiG on a stick in Dubno.

Dubno-City, september 9th, 1996

420 whMiG.19  Preserved, no mks.

Another nice surprice when we accidentally passed the military field of Dubno. The Su.24s are parked right along the road.

Dubno-North East, september 9th, 1996

70 whSu.24MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
72 whSu.24MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
80 whSu.24MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
82 whSu.24MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
83 whSu.24MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
85 whSu.24MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
86 whSu.24MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
91 whSu.24MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
92 whSu.24MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
93 whSu.24MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  

In front of the main gate at Ryvne(Rovno) the engine began to cook. Maybe we should have a better look at this radiator tomorrow.

Rovno, september 9th, 1996

CCCP-67069L.410UVP 810705Stored, n/t
CCCP-67082L.410UVP 810719Stored, n/t
CCCP-67085L.410UVP 810722Stored, n/t
CCCP-67116L.410UVP 790312Stored, n/t
CCCP-67194L.410UVP 790220Stored, n/t
CCCP-67372L.410UVP 830940Stored, n/t
 Mi.2FA Stored
UR-07563An.2R 1G15603 
UR-19722An.2R 1G16536 
UR-84574An.2 1G18941 
UR-67020L.410UVP 810621n/t
UR-67083L.410UVP 810720n/t
UR-67084L.410UVP 810721n/t
UR-67344L.410UVP 820904n/t
UR-20676Mi.2 52663905 


In Stara Romanivka we got the radiator welded, which costed about 1 hour and 26,5 griven.

Novograd Volens’kij, september 10th, 1996

 MiG.19PFVVS Preserved

At Zhitomir we were guided by the Pilot of the week, when we found out that even a Pilot of the week has a boss. The boss didn’t think it was such a good idea having all these people checking out his airfield.

Zhitomir, september 10th, 1996

CCCP-27001Mi.8Aeroflot Stored, Polar c/s
UR-05793An.2R 1G15433 
UR-05799An.2R 1G15439 
UR-16066An.2R 1G16420 
UR-33569An.2R 1G23006 
UR-35671An.2P 1G11704Carries c/n 1G14145
UR-62698An.2R 1G17928 
UR-68089An.2R 1G19359 
UR-82891An.2R 1G16907 
UR-84564An.2R 1G18931 
UR-84590An.2R 1G18957 
UR-19315Ka.26 7203104 
UR-19474Ka.26 7303901 ? 
UR-19511Ka.26 7404502 ? 
UR-24342Ka.26 7605520 ? 
UR-50560An.2TPAvialiniï Ukraïny1G8937 
UR-19420Ka.26Universal Avia7404414 
UR-19422Ka.26Universal Avia7404416 
UR-19607Ka.26Universal Avia7505008 ? 
UR-19608Ka.26Universal Avia7505009 

At the Antonov factory at Gostomel there was a Dmitri who didn’t mind guiding us around the airfield “without any problem……but it’s impossible” but we did need a letter from the chief-designer of Antonov. He even tried to reach the chief by phone, bur it didn’t work out.

Gostomel, september 10th, 1996

CCCP-46718An.24B 37300203Derelict
CCCPAn.26  Stored, n/t
CCCP-680125An.124Antonov DB19530501001 ?Stored, n/t
CCCP-19754An.28Antonov DB03 ?Stored, Kiev built proto
 Mi.24Angola AF ? Stored, On delivery ?
 Mi.24Angola AF ? Stored, On delivery ?
LZ-SFPAn.24BAir Sofia67302308 ? 
 An.74VVS Stored
UR-11322An.12P 901409 
UR-82033An.124 977305.83205.? 
UR-21510An.12BPAntonov DB0901404n/t
 An.124Antonov DB Blue tail “Antonov Des. Bur.”
UR-82007An.124-100Antonov DB19530501005 
UR-82027An.124-100Antonov DB19530502288n/t
UR-64459An.22Antonov DB101Stored
UR-64460An.22Antonov DB0103n/t
UR-82060An.225Antonov DB Stored, l/n 01-01
UR-13395An.26Antonov DB2605n/t
UR-28800An.28Antonov DB1AJ01001Stored
46961An.32Antonov DB1006Derelict, An 26 conv., An 26 c/n !
UR-48004An.32PAntonov DB1306Antonov
UR-48086An.32PAntonov DB2901n/t
UR-48093An.32Antonov DB703Antonov
06 yeAn.72PAntonov DB36576096906 ?Mil c/s
UR-74010An.74TAntonov DB l/n 04-04
UR-76413Il.76TDBusol Airline1013407215 
UR-76397Il.76MDKhors Air43451517 

At Kiev-Zhulyani especially the Yemen Air Force An.26s were extremely tasty.

Kiev-Zhulyani, september 10th, 1996

611An.26Yemen AF9603 
617An.26Yemen AF12302 
CU-T1262 ?An.24RVCubana27307610as “CU-T1282” (=Il 62), metal
UK-46410An.24BUzbekistan Airways77304005 
UN-46448An.24BKazakhstan Airlines87304410 ? 
UR-02438An.2P 1G11749 
UR-31417An.2R 1G19740 
UR-81542An.2R 1G20846 
UR-81629An.2R 1G20923 
UR-46403An.24B 77303906n/t
UR-48097An.24RV 57310409n/t
UR-26012An.26 10007n/t; bk/ye cheatline
UR-47313An.24RVAir Urga57310410 
UR-87266Yak.40Aktionernoye Obshestvo9310227 
UR-46254An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny77303402 
UR-46372An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny7306003 
UR-46441An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny87304402 
UR-46469An.24RVAvialiniï Ukraïny27307907 
UR-46527An.24RVAvialiniï Ukraïny47310006 
UR-46585An.24Avialiniï Ukraïny97305004 ? 
UR-46596An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny97305106 
UR-47257An.24RVAvialiniï Ukraïny27307709n/t
UR-47278An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny7306408 
UR-47311An.24RVAvialiniï Ukraïny57310402 
UR-47312An.24RVAvialiniï Ukraïny57310403 ? 
UR-47836An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny17307308 
UR-49255An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny97305701 
UR-26514An.26Avialiniï Ukraïny6907 
UR-30005An.30Avialiniï Ukraïny1406 
UR-30030An.30Avialiniï Ukraïny0605 
UR-30036An.30Avialiniï Ukraïny0703 
UR-87245Yak.40Avialiniï Ukraïny9531343 
UR-87389Yak.40Avialiniï Ukraïny9410133 
UR-87308Yak.40Columbus Avia9320429 
UR-87432Yak.40Columbus Avia9420835 
30 blAn.26Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni White c/s
35 blAn.26Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Camo; type=An 24T ?
UR-47781An.24BUkraine Flight State Academy89901506n/t
UR-67197L.410UVPUkraine Flight State Academy790303 
K2734An.32Bharatiya Vayu Sena0710 ? 

Here we booked the first hotel of this trip. At first the rate was $88,-, after some argueing about this it was $33,- for a two person room.


Kiev-Zhulyani, september 11th, 1996

RA-46466An.24RV 27307904n/t
RA-46505An.24RV 37308309Primer
RA-46610An.24RV 37308607 
RA-46624An.24RV 37308801 
 An.24Aeroflot No mks., Camo c/s
 An.24Aeroflot No mks., Camo c/s
RA-47160An.24BPerm Transavia89901702Also “Polskie Avialiniï”
RA-26028An.26BPerm Transavia10408 
UN-46340An.24Kazakhstan Airlines97305608n/t
UN-46448An.24BKazakhstan Airlines87304410 ? 
UR-02438An.2P 1G11749 
UR-31413An.2R 1G19736 
UR-31417An.2R 1G19740 
UR-32501An.2T 1G10328 
UR-40522An.2TP 1G8325 
UR-62615An.2 1G17760 
UR-62679An.2R 1G17909 
UR-62682An.2R 1G17912 
UR-81542An.2R 1G20846 
UR-81628An.2R 1G20922 
UR-81629An.2R 1G20923 
UR-81632An.2R 1G20926 
UR-84609An.2R 1G20941 
49248An.24B 67302205Stored, LOT fcs
49251An.24B 67302506Stored, LOT fcs
UR-46403An.24B 77303906n/t
UR-46595An.24B 97305105Primer
UR-49256An.24T …1104Noted as “..-49256”
UR-26689An.26B 9005Metal
UR-26007An.26Antonov Airtrack5807 
UR-46293An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny77303805 
UR-46330An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny97305507Fus. metal
UR-46434An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny87304304 
UR-46440An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny87304401 
UR-46441An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny87304402 
UR-46569An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny87304710 ? 
UR-47287An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny7306507 
UR-48249An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny  
UR-49249An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny67302504 
UR-49250An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny67302505 
UR-49252An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny67302507 
UR-49253An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny67302801 
UR-49254An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny67302802 
UR-49255An.24BAvialiniï Ukraïny97305701 
UR-30000An.30Avialiniï Ukraïny1401 
UR-30005An.30Avialiniï Ukraïny1406 
UR-30022An.30Avialiniï Ukraïny0404 
UR-30025An.30Avialiniï Ukraïny0503 
UR-30026An.30Avialiniï Ukraïny0505 
UR-30036An.30Avialiniï Ukraïny0703 
UR-46633An.30Avialiniï Ukraïny0202 
UR-87389Yak.40Avialiniï Ukraïny9410133 
UR-30044An.30Avialiniï Ukraïny ?906 
01 blueAn.26Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
K2721An.32Bharatiya Vayu Sena0606 ? 

After starting this day off by finishing Zhulyani we went to search for Sviatoshino where the other Antonov facility should be. We’ll probably never know. On the way to Bila Cherkva we found an An.2 on a grass-strip.

Pinchuki, september 11th, 1996

UR-40289An.2RUniversal Avia1G22119 

When we were almost finished spotting all the bombers in store here, a small fighter cam overshooting. We thought it’d be a MiG.29 from the nearby base of Vasilkov. When it turned around to land it turned out to be a Su.15. Quite a nice surprise I must say.

Bila Tserkva, september 11th, 1996

CCCP-86917Il.76MDVVS Stored, SU fcs
74 rdTu.16 7203605Stored, no mks.
29 rdTu.22  Stored, no mks.
59 rdTu.22  Stored, no mks.
07 redTu.95MS  Stored, no mks.
20 rdTu.95MS  Stored, no mks.
34 blTu.95K22/KD ?  Stored, subtype ?
41Tu.95MS  Stored, no tail
05 redTu.16DA Stored
07 redTu.16DA7203728Stored
10 redTu.16DA Stored
15 rdTu.16DA7203907Stored
18 rdTu.16DA7204605 ?Stored
10 redTu.22DA Stored
11 redTu.22DA Stored
23 rdTu.22RDA Stored
24 rdTu.22DA Stored
25 rdTu.22DA Stored
26 rdTu.22DA Stored
27 rdTu.22DA Stored
33 rdTu.22M3DA Stored
60 rdTu.22DA Stored
02 redTu.95MSDA Stored
UR-76744Il.78BSL Airlines73478359 
82 yeMi.24Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
06 yeMi.8TEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
08 yeMi.8TEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
11 blueSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
30 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
47 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Flying
55 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Flying
60 blSu.15UMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
75 blSu.15UMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Flying
85 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
12 redTu.22Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
21 rdTu.22Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
32 rdTu.22Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored

After waiting for half an hour at Vasilkov we were told that without a letter from headquarters there was no way we could visit the airfield.

Vasilkov, september 11th, 1996

 Tu.22Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Preserved at museum ?
UR-11326An.12BPKhors Air2400802 

Vasilkov barracks, september 11th, 1996

24 rdMiG.21PF-13Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Preserved at gate
 MiG.23MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Instructional
 MiG.23MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Instructional, Camo c/s
 MiG.23MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Instructional
29 rdMiG.23MEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Instructional, bare metal

Borispol Airport, very expensive coffee.

Kiev-Borispol, september 11th, 1996

OE-GCCCe.560Bau Holding560-0125 
RA-86560Il.62MAeroflot..53.4. ? 
UR-86134Il.62MAvialiniï Ukraïny1138546 
UR-86135Il.62MAvialiniï Ukraïny1748445 
UR-85350Tu.154B2Avialiniï Ukraïny79A-350 
UR-85482Tu.154B2Avialiniï Ukraïny81A-482Titles nn
UR-85499Tu.154B2Avialiniï Ukraïny81A-499 
UR-11349An.12BPBusol Airline9346302n/t
22 blAn.12Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
23 blAn.12Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
24 blAn.12Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
28 blAn.12Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
40 blAn.12Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
42 blAn.24TEbrojni Sili Ukraïni991209 ?Noted as An 26; c/n doubtful
20 blAn.26Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni7705 
45 blAn.26Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
83 rdAn.26Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
80 yeAn.30Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
81 yeAn.30Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni0609 
UR-76687Il.76MDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni63469051 
 Mi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni0562 
02 yeTu.135Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni63960 
03 yeTu.135Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni63982 
UAF-63957Tu.134AEbrojni Sili Ukraïni63957 ?regi is c/n ?
UR-85445Tu.154B2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni80A-445Avialiniï Ukraïny fcs
UR-GACB.737-247Ukraine International Airlines23188 
UR-GAEB.737-3Y0Ukraine International Airlines24907 
K2661/YIl.76MDBharatiya Vayu Sena00.3458722 

Part 3 September 12 – 14, 1996

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