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Ukraine 1996 (part 3)

Due to the length of this report, it’s divided in 4 parts. Click on the part you’d like to read:
Part 1 September 7 – 8, 1996
Part 2 September 9 – 11, 1996
Part 3 September 12 – 14, 1996
Part 4 September 15 – 21, 1996


We started this day with the observation that there are no more planes at Pyriatin, that Mirgorod could not be found and that we had therefore not seen a plane at 11:30 am. Poltava managed to lift our moods (especially Hans’s) with 14 Tu.22M3s.

Poltava-West 12 september 1996

 An.2  Dump, Camo, No mks.
UR-54823An.2R 1G18430 
UR-54867An.2R 1G18527 
UR-54886An.2R 1G18554n/t
UR-54922An.2R 1G18715SU fcs
UR-56469An.2R 1G18226 ?SU fcs
UR-68085An.2R 1G19355 ?SU fcs
UR-81638An.2R 1G20932 
UR-B(O/U)MAn.2  Camo
..-62545An.2 1G17608 ?Stored, SU fcs
UR-67114L.410UVP 790310Dump, SU c/s
UR-67117L.410UVP 790313Dump, SU c/s
UR-67337L.410UVP 820837n/t
14343Mi.2  Stored, no rot.
UR-14147Mi.2 5210405097Stored, no rot.
UR-14310Mi.2  Stored, 03 ye
UR-14311Mi.2  Stored, Camo; No rot.
UR-20125Mi.2 543026063 
UR-02234An.2Avialiniï Ukraïny1G23505 ? 
UR-07577An.2RAvialiniï Ukraïny1G15532 
UR-16054An.2RAvialiniï Ukraïny1G16407 
UR-33057An.2RAvialiniï Ukraïny1G21844 
UR-40882An.2RAvialiniï Ukraïny1G21517 
UR-56463An.2RAvialiniï Ukraïny1G18220 
UR-62569An.2RAvialiniï Ukraïny1G17638 
UR-67176L.410UVPAvialiniï Ukraïny790212 
UR-67195L.410UVPAvialiniï Ukraïny790301 
UR-67198L.410UVPAvialiniï Ukraïny790304 
UR-67519L.410UVPAvialiniï Ukraïny851423 
UR-67716L.410Avialiniï Ukraïny  
UR-14309Mi.2Avialiniï Ukraïny  
UR-14319Mi.2Avialiniï Ukraïny Camo
UR-23353Mi.2Avialiniï Ukraïny528725064 

Poltava 12 september 1996

03 rdTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
08 redTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
14 redTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
15 rdTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
16 rdTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
18 rdTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
25 rdTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
40 rdTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
51 rdTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
55 rdTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
59 rdTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
63 rdTu.22M.Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Subtype nn
64 rdTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
86 rdTu.22M3Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  

Those humours were in high spirits when we accidentally found the small museum of Kharkov-Lyubotin with 3 MiG.25s. The second main goal had already been achieved, so that was not disappointing.

Kharkov-Lyubotin 12 september 1996

01 yeMi.1  Stored in hangar
13 yeMi.1DOSAAF Dump
024 redMiG.25RVVSN020SA01Dump, Subtype ?
UR-BAPAn.2 1G2371(6/8) ? 
UR-BAEMi.2 5410409109 ?C/n noted as “5410409679”
UR-BAJMi.2  n/t
 PZL.104-35A 9630 
UR-BAOAn.2TTSOU1G19552 ? 
UR-BAKMi.2TSOU544921106 ?C/n noted as “….21106”
52 rdKa.25 Hormone AAVMF Preserved
44 blMi.2FA51155008Preserved, “Trenarzhni”
14 redMi.24 Hind AFA100672Preserved
04 yeMi.4FA0193Preserved
20 rdMi.8TFA Preserved
38 rdL.29CVVS390310Preserved
17 rdMiG.21SMTVVS76021730Preserved, c/n implic. MiG 21PF (iz 76)
21 yeMiG.21FVVSN24210313Preserved, also “500ATs02” on c/n plate
03 blueMiG.23MVVS1203Preserved
41 rdMiG.25RVVSN020SA05Preserved, subtype ?
77 rdMiG.25RUVVSN390SA02Preserved
89 rdSu.25VVS Preserved

Kharkov-GAZ 135 12 september 1996

 MiG.15UTI  Preserved
 Yak.18  Preserved
47 rdTu.104AVVS8350704Preserved
5 bkTu.134AVVS351101Preserved, SU fcs
UR-11819An.12BP 6344009 
UR-11833An.12BP 3341008a/w; UN titles still visible
UR-46336An.24T 8910709 
UR-98104An.24B 67302310n/t

Kharkov-City 12 september 1996

135 redMiG.21PFMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Preserved

Kharkov-South 12 september 1996

UR-26651An.26Avialiniï Ukraïny7508 
UR-26676An.26BAvialiniï Ukraïny8602 
UR-67503L.410UVPAvialiniï Ukraïny851407 
UR-65037Tu.134A3Avialiniï Ukraïny48850 
UR-65746Tu.134A3Avialiniï Ukraïny2351608 
UR-65752Tu.134A3Avialiniï Ukraïny61079 

Kharkov turned out not to be a bad city, the airports were nice but not really shocking. That evening we drove on to Chuguyev where we first encountered a MiG.21 on a pole and after that we started cooking our own meal ,pea-soup (brought from home) with bread (not from home). At least it isn’t shashlick from the BBQ for a change.


After changing a tape in the morning, we stood and marveled at a Libyan MiG.23 that was waiting here, on Chugeyev, to be destroyed. A visit here was (again) not possible without documentation.

Chugeyev 13 september 1996

24052MiG.23MSAQaJa Libiyya24052Stored
02 yeMiG.23ML  Stored
04 o/lMiG.23M  Derelict
05 yeMiG.23ML  Stored
08 redMiG.23M  Derelict
19 yeMiG.23MLD  Stored
25 yeMiG.23  Stored, subtype nn
26 o/lMiG.23  Derelict, subtype nn
71 blMiG.23UB  Derelict
91 rdMiG.23  Derelict, subtype nn
26 yeMi.2  Stored
FLA-06098Yak.18T  Stored, camo c/s
FLA-06099Yak.18T  Stored
48 yeL.39VVS Stored
49 rdL.39VVS Stored
121 yeMiG.21MFVVS Stored
 L.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni332648Stored, no mks.
 L.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni834413Stored
01 bkL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
01 blueL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
02 blueL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni934655 
08 blackL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
31 yeL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
35 yeL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Flying
36 yeL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Flying
46 yeL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Flying
48 o/lL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni633934 
50 yeL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
53 yeL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Flying
55 yeL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Flying
56 yeL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
64 blL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni934643 
72 o/lL.39Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
01 redMiG.21PFMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Preserved at gate
 MiG.23MLEbrojni Sili Ukraïni19315Stored
06 o/lMiG.23MLDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
09 o/lMiG.23MLDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni20551Stored
11 yeMiG.23MLEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
11 yeMiG.23MLDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
12 o/lMiG.23MLDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
123 o/lMiG.23MLDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
16 o/lMiG.23MLDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
26 o/lMiG.23MLDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni19250Stored
29 o/lMiG.23MLDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
46 o/lMiG.23MLDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
52 o/lMiG.23MLDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
7. o/lMiG.23UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
93 o/lMiG.23UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Derelict
94 o/lMiG.23MLDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored

We wanted to have the tire that had punctured that morning repaired at Iziom, but the tire was so cooked that it had to be replaced, and that is quite expensive even in the Ukraine, 70 hriven. The next destination was Kramatorsk, where we had actually expected to score our first Su.15’s. At the terminal we were met by a gentleman who immediately asked us what we wanted. When asked, he told us that to see planes, we had to drive around the field on the left and that we would automatically arrive at a place where we could. When we did that we came out at the main gate where Alex first went to offer the guard a cigarette and ask if we could arrange something here. When the guard heard that we were coming to watch planes, he opened the gate and motioned for us to drive on. For the sake of effort we only gave him a cigarette, after which we drove onto the field. First we passed a place where 3 wrecks of Su.15s lay, which apparently were destroyed there. A few hundred meters further we suddenly stood on a platform with 6 Su.15s that appeared to be in reasonable condition. A dispersal further there were two more, one with the canopies open and apparently completely airworthy (on the way to Bila Cherkva perhaps). On this platform we were soon approached by a gentleman who made it clear to us that this was not really the intention and that he was going to call his boss to ask what he should do with us. The boss immediately started talking about policing and arresting on arrival, so we thought it wise to fool us and say that the watchman was allowed to do it. The cameras had already been put away by then and the films were hidden between the upholstery of the benches, as were the notes, so what could happen to us? Because he apparently didn’t feel like all the hassle that such an arrest entailed, he gestured that we should drive after him to the gate and then we should go. As we drove away, we just saw behind us that the guard got a terrible blow because he had let us through.

Kramatorsk-City 13 september 1996

73 rdMiG.17PVVS Preserved

Kramatorsk 13 september 1996

66 rdYak.18TDOSAAF ? Stored
01 blueSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Derelict at destruction site
23 whSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Derelict at destruction site
28 rdSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Derelict at destruction site
31 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
69 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
70 blSu.15UMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
71 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
72 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
81 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
90 blSu.15UMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
92 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored

On the way to Dnepropetrovsk we accidentally found the fröbelveld of Krasnoarmyskoye where we could fly in a single delta lawnmower on the lap of the pilot. However, we decided that wasn’t the best plan of this trip so we declined.

Krasnoarmijs’koye 13 september 1996

FAARF-06399Yak.18T 1179Stored
 Rekord 20   
 Yak.18T  Stored
 Yak.18T 1121Stored
 Yak.50 800806Stored
09 redYak.52DOSAAF23014 ?Stored

Dnepropetrovsk-Voloskoye 13 september 1996

OE-GCCCe.560Bau Holding560-0125 
UR-87574Yak.40 9220622 
UR-87266Yak.40Aktionernoye Obshestvo9310227 

In the evening in the hotel (50 hriven with the four of us and shower in the room) we drank the worst vodka ever.


On Saturday morning at Dnepropetrovsk-Voloskoye we crept through the gate and checked all 13 MiG.25s in the wheel wells for numbers, which was the case with 7 of them. In the meantime, we took 4 MiG.23s and a few Let 39s. We examined the two Su.15s in storage here quite thoroughly, but there was really nothing on them.

Dnepropetrovsk-Voloskoye 14 september 1996

EP-CPBYak.42DCaspian Airlines4520421219029 
ER-42409Yak.42DAir Moldova4520421216707 
61 blSu.15TMPVO Strany Stored
03 rdL.39VVS530533Derelict
108 redL.39VVS533228Stored
11 redL.39VVS530527Derelict
17 rdL.39VVS630704Stored
20 rdL.39VVS533237Stored
01 redMiG.19PVVS Preserved
23 rdMiG.23MLDVVS17099Stored, also “0615” on c/n plate
37 rdMiG.23MLDVVS17630Stored, also “0714”, “0715” c/n plate
71 rdMiG.23MLDVVS18690Stored, also “1518”, “1519” c/n plate
85 blMiG.23MLDVVS17869Stored, also “1008” on c/n plate
TC-IYIYak.42DTop Air4520423304016n/t
UR-87574Yak.40 9220622n/t
UR-76732Il.76MDAir Service73476296 
07 redMiG.25PDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
17 rdMiG.25PDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
18 rdMiG.25PDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni46147Stored
37 rdMiG.25PDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni43008Stored
39 rdMiG.25PDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
46 blMiG.25PDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
55 rdMiG.25PUEbrojni Sili Ukraïni21024Stored
60 blMiG.25PUEbrojni Sili Ukraïni30345Stored
68 rdMiG.25PDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni45211Stored
77 rdMiG.25PDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni43205Stored, no nationality mks.
82 blMiG.25PUEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
87 rdMiG.25PDEbrojni Sili UkraïniN84046180Stored
99 rdMiG.25PDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
02 blueSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
MiG.25 at Dnepropetrovsk-Voloskoye
MiG.25 at Dnepropetrovsk-Voloskoye

Unfortunately, it was not possible to fly at Zaporazhzhy, which we had actually counted on. We did score 200+ numbers here, so that made up for a lot.

Zaporashshya-Shirokoe, 14 september 1996

Aero L.29’s (88 pcs)

 07 redL.29CDOSAAF37062. ?Preserved
 38 blL.29CDOSAAF390416Preserved
 08L.29CVVS394979 ?Stored
 09 redL.29CVVS394983Stored
 14 whiteL.29CVVS394931Stored
 15 rdL.29CVVS Stored
 20L.29CVVS Stored
 23 rdL.29CVVS Stored
 28 whL.29CVVS395039Stored
 31 whL.29CVVS792492Stored
 32 whL.29CVVS194423Stored
 34 whL.29CVVS893109Stored
 35 whL.29CVVS692255Stored
 42 whL.29CVVS294804Stored
 43 whL.29CVVS294757Stored
 48 whL.29CVVS993523Stored
 57 whL.29CVVS394932Stored
  L.29C 395149Stored
  L.29C 094016Stored
  L.29C 591550Stored
 01L.29C 395181Stored
 01 redL.29C 692222Stored
 02 yeL.29C 7924100Stored
 03 whiteL.29C 692263Stored
 04 blueL.29C 194433Stored
 08 redL.29C 393979Stored
 12 whiteL.29C 792494Stored
 14 redL.29C 094047Stored
 15 blL.29C 094136Stored
 15 rdL.29C 094006Stored
 16 blL.29C 194331Stored
 16 rdL.29C 094048Stored
 18 whL.29C 692253Stored, noted earlier as “11 wh”
 22 blL.29C 394980Stored
 23 whL.29C 294759Stored
 24 blL.29C 395187Stored
 27L.29C 395163Stored
 29L.29C 993522Stored
 31L.29C 892797Stored
 33 blL.29C 692231Stored
 35L.29C 194330Stored
 36L.29C 993622Stored
 38L.29C 194438Stored
 40L.29C 194533Stored
 42L.29C 094015Stored
 45 blL.29C 294760Stored
 47L.29C ??Stored, c/n 194434 or 094044
 48L.29C 193334Stored
 49L.29C 395144Stored
 51 whL.29C 394984Stored
 52L.29C 692236Stored, UR-BDP or UR-BDQ
 52L.29C 094017Stored, UR-BDP or UR-BDQ
 56L.29C 395185Stored
UR-BCB45L.29C 094019Stored
UR-BCC21L.29C 692220Stored
UR-BCD L.29C  Stored
UR-BCE46L.29C 194441Stored
UR-BCF50L.29C 094003Stored
UR-BCG55 whL.29C 893023Stored
UR-BCH L.29C  Stored
UR-BCI L.29C  Stored
UR-BCJ33L.29C 094045Stored
UR-BCK41L.29C 894094Stored
UR-BCL60L.29C 395166Stored
UR-BCM09L.29C 395184Stored
UR-BCO40L.29C 395085Stored
UR-BCP44L.29C 294758Stored
UR-BCQ37L.29C 194440Stored
UR-BCR39L.29C 194439Stored
UR-BCS26L.29C 094012Stored
UR-BDK L.29C  Stored
UR-BDL18 whL.29C 792490Stored
UR-BDM6L.29C 792482Stored
UR-BDN20 whL.29C 792420Stored
UR-BDO5L.29C 692246Stored

Antonov’s (22 An.2’s and 1 An.24)

CCCP-35176 An.2Aeroflot1G11315Preserved
 06 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G15057 ?Stored, c/n rep. to be 1G15957 ??
 07 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G16025Stored
 12 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G16031Stored
 14 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G16033Stored
 16 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G16036Stored
 17 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G16044Stored
 18 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G16051Stored
 20 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G16056Stored
 23 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G16024Stored
 25 rdAn.2DOSAAF1G23550Stored
 38 rdAn.2DOSAAF1G23613Stored
 48 rdAn.2DOSAAF1G23623Stored
 53 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G19551Stored
 56 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G19554Stored
 69 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G19624Stored
 82 yeAn.2DOSAAF1G19620Stored
 20 bkAn.2 1G23554Stored, SU c/s + red star
UR-BBV An.2T 1G16029Stored
UR-BEQ An.2 1G23621Stored
UR-46715 An.24RT 9911110Stored, n/t, Ex “06 bl”
UR-BBW An.2TSOU1G23622Stored
UR-BPI An.2TTSOU1G6308Stored

Yakovlev’s (55 Yak.52’s, 5 Yak.55’s and 1 Yak.18)

 04 yeYak.52DOSAAF9010307Stored
 15 yeYak.52DOSAAF9010403Stored
 17 yeYak.52DOSAAF9010405Stored
 38 yeYak.52DOSAAF889203Stored
 68 blYak.52DOSAAF855613Stored
44476 Yak.18T 22202044531Stored
  Yak.52 9010308Stored
 01 yeYak.52 9010304Stored
 02 yeYak.52 9010305Stored
 05 blueYak.52 832910Stored
 08Yak.52 9010311Stored, code ’08 ye’ en ‘UR-BBK’ ?
 09 yeYak.52 9010312Stored
 104 yeYak.52 889307Stored, noted as ’04 ye’!
 109 yeYak.52 899309Stored
 11 yeYak.52 9010314Stored
 124 yeYak.52 8910105Stored
 134 yeYak.52 822107Stored
 137 yeYak.52 9010401Stored
 138 yeYak.52 878206Stored
 139 yeYak.52 878207Stored
 140 yeYak.52 822113Stored
 155 yeYak.52 867214Stored, noted as ’55 ye’!
 162 yeYak.52 888705Stored
 163 yeYak.52 867213Stored
 164 yeYak.52 888707Stored
 179 yeYak.52 877807Stored
 19 yeYak.52 9010407Stored
 20Yak.52 9010408Stored
 21 yeYak.52 888409Stored
 22 yeYak.52 888410Stored
 23 yeYak.52 8910106Stored
 24 rdYak.52 877412Stored
 27 yeYak.52 888415Stored
 40 blYak.52 844210Stored
 49 yeYak.52 888407Stored
 61 yeYak.52 888704Stored
 63 yeYak.52 888706Stored
 75 yeYak.52 877803Stored
 78 yeYak.52 877806Stored
 86 yeYak.52 889204Stored
UR-BBI Yak.52 9010310Stored
UR-BBJ7Yak.52 832912Stored
UR-BBL Yak.52 9010509Stored
UR-BBM12Yak.52 9010315 
UR-BBN Yak.52 833808 
UR-BBO Yak.52 9010404 
UR-BBP129Yak.52 9011112 
UR-BBQ Yak.52   
UR-BBR35Yak.52 822108 
UR-BBS Yak.52 9010309 
UR-BBT Yak.52 9011110 
UR-BBU Yak.52 9010306 
UR-BCV Yak.52 9010406Stored
 72 blYak.55 890809Stored
 73 blYak.55 890810Stored
 74 blYak.55 890901Stored
 75 blYak.55 890902Stored
 78 blYak.55 870305Stored
UR-BCO Yak.52 877413Stored, Or UR-BCL 877419 ?

Mil helicopters (34 Mi.s’2 and 1 Mi.8)

 08 yeMi.2FA544931096Stored
 09 yeMi.2FA544932096Preserved
  Mi.2 544925096Stored
  Mi.2 547204061Stored
  Mi.2 5410327087Stored
 001 yeMi.2 549131035Stored
 06Mi.2 544929096Stored, code nn
 07 yeMi.2 544930096Stored
 10Mi.2 544933096Stored, code nn
 11Mi.2 545130037Stored, code nn
 12 yeMi.2 545131037Stored
 14Mi.2 545132047Stored, code nn
 15 yeMi.2 545133047Stored
 16Mi.2 545134047Stored, code nn
 19Mi.2 545215057Stored, code nn
 20Mi.2 545626058Stored, code nn
 21Mi.2 545627058Stored, code nn
 22 yeMi.2 545628058Stored
 23Mi.2 545629058Stored, code nn
 25 yeMi.2 546436129Stored
 26 yeMi.2 546437129Stored
 30 yeMi.2 5410320077Stored
 31 yeMi.2 547644052Stored
 34 yeMi.2 544144055Stored
 37 yeMi.2 5410321077Stored
 40Mi.2 5410736108Stored, code nn
 41Mi.2 5410737108Stored, code nn
 42Mi.2 5410738108Stored, code nn
UR-BBX44 yeMi.2 5410919049Stored
UR-BBY46 yeMi.2 5410921059Stored
UR-BBZ03 yeMi.2 544926086Stored
UR-BCA17 yeMi.2 5410920059Stored
UR-BER45 yeMi.2 5410918049Stored
UR-BVJ43 yeMi.2 5410739108Stored
 20 yeMi.8TFA9775213Stored

PZL.104’s (4 pcs.)

01 bluePZL.104-35ADOSAAF21910917Stored
02 bluePZL.104-35ADOSAAF21910918Stored
03 bluePZL.104-35ADOSAAF21900909Stored
04 bluePZL.104-35ADOSAAF21910914Stored

Melitopol is a nice field but just a bit too far away. A three-and-a-half-hour walk through the southern Ukrainian sticky dredge yielded 25 stored Il.76s. With every step you take, a small layer of mud sticks to your shoe soles, so that after about 10 meters you have club feet of about 5 kilos each. That is quite tiring, and it wouldn’t be the last sticky dredge walk of this trip.

Melitopol 14 september 1996

76597Il.76MDAeroflot Stored
76598Il.76MDAeroflot Stored
86029Il.76MAeroflot Stored
76391Il.76MD 0043453568Stored
76596Il.76MD  Stored, SU c/s, n/t
76645Il.76MD 0053461834Stored, SU c/s, n/t
78821Il.76MD 0093496914Stored
UR-76392Il.76MD 0043454602Stored, UN fcs
UR-76393Il.76MD 0043455653Stored
UR-76423Il.76MD 0053457720Stored
UR-76431Il.76  Stored
UR-76576Il.76MD 0043449449Stored
UR-76595Il.76MD 0043453571Stored
UR-76603Il.76MDAir Service0043454623Stored
76631Il.76MDAtlant Stored
76695Il.76MDAtlant Stored
UR-76443Il.76MDAtlant0043452534Stored, UN titles
UR-76624Il.76MDAtlant0053457713 ?Stored
UR-76408Il.76MDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni0053460820Stored
UR-78820Il.76MDEbrojni Sili Ukraïni0093496907Stored
UR-76683Il.76MDVeteran Stored

In the evening we drove into Crimea and camped in the first village we encountered.

Part 4 September 15 – 21, 1996

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