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Ukraine 1996 (part 4)

Due to the length of this report, it’s divided in 4 parts. Click on the part you’d like to read:
Part 1 September 7 – 8, 1996
Part 2 September 9 – 11, 1996
Part 3 September 12 – 14, 1996
Part 4 September 15 – 21, 1996


The next morning at Dzhankoi we found Il.76s in storage again.

Dzhankoi 15 september 1996

HA-TCEIl.76MDQuick Air Trans Stored, ex UR-76707
UR-76647Il.76MD  Stored, SU c/s, n/t
UR-76694Il.76MD 0063470107Stored, SU c/s, n/t
UR-76728Il.76MD 0073475270Stored, SU c/s, n/t
UR-76729Il.76MD 0073476275Stored, SU c/s, n/t
UR-76676Il.76MDVeteran Stored
UR-76691Il.76MDVeteran Stored, SU c/s, n/t

On Kirovskoye it turned out again that the Ukrainians are not the best fence builders. Holes everywhere.

Kirovskoye 15 september 1996

36 whMiG.29 (9-13)Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
42 o/lMiG.29 (9-12)Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
42 whMiG.29UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
53 whMiG.29UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
72 rdMi.24VEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Subtype ?
35 rdSu.27Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
39 rdSu.27UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
69 rdSu.27UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Also ’04 bl’ on tail
81 rdKa.25Ukrainian Navy  
22 yeMiG.29 (9-13)Ukrainian Navy Subtype ?

Simferopol may not be a Zaporazhzhy, but about 80 helos, An.2s and Yakjes are quite a score.

Simferopol 15 september 1996

64 whAn.2DOSAAF1G23934Stored
73 yeAn.2TDOSAAF1G19611Stored
141 yeYak.52DOSAAF8910209Stored
147 rdYak.52DOSAAF833903Stored
73 rdYak.52DOSAAF822401Stored
94 yeYak.52DOSAAF888907Stored
95 yeYak.52DOSAAF888908Stored
UR-02447An.2P 1G11758Stored, SU c/s, n/t
UR-32306An.2TP 1G9718Stored, SU c/s, n/t
UR-32421An.2 1G10139Stored, SU c/s, n/t
UR-33516An.2R 1G22908Stored
UR-33640An.2 1G23330Stored
UR-40435An.2R 1G22404Stored
 Ka.15  Stored
 Ka.27 1231Stored, on c/n plate “8113/06/DB7210”
 Ka.27 1226Stored, also on c/n plate “409767”
 Mi.2 5211004079Derelict
UR-14112Mi.2 5210823019Stored, no rotor
UR-14113Mi.2 5210824019Stored, no rotor
UR-14114Mi.2 5210825019Stored, no rotor
UR-14136Mi.2 5210908039Stored, no rotor
UR-14137Mi.2 5210909049Stored, no rotor
UR-14196Mi.2 5210910049Stored
UR-14197Mi.2 5210911059Stored
UR-14198Mi.2 5210912049Stored, no rotor
UR-14207Mi.2 5211026089Stored, SU fcs, no rotor
UR-14215Mi.2 5411050129Stored
UR-14217Mi.2 5211102129Stored, no rot.
UR-14222Mi.2 521110902Stored
UR-14223Mi.2 521111001Stored, SU fcs, no rotor
UR-14226Mi.2 541111301Stored, SU fcs, no rotor
UR-14382Mi.2 525240077Stored, SU fcs, no rotor
UR-14383Mi.2 525241077Stored, no rotor
UR-20362Mi.2 529807066Stored, no rotor
UR-20394Mi.2 529841076Stored, no rotor
UR-20396Mi.2 529843076Stored, no rotor
UR-20581Mi.2 524705036Stored, no rotor
UR-20642Mi.2 525709068Stored, no rotor
UR-20643Mi.2 525710068Stored, no rotor
UR-20644Mi.2 525711068Stored, no rotor
UR-20769Mi.2 547806082Stored, no rotor
UR-20836Mi.2 548109033Stored, no rotor
UR-20954Mi.2 548719064Stored, no rotor
UR-23273Mi.2 529042015Stored, no rotor
UR-23274Mi.2 529043015Stored
UR-23275Mi.2 529044015Stored, no rotor
UR-23276Mi.2 529045025Stored, SU fcs, no rotor
UR-23281Mi.2 549102025Stored, no rotor
UR-23389Mi.2 528835084Stored
UR-13337Mi.8S 2839Stored
UR-22406Mi.8 7451Stored, subtype ?
UR-22447Mi.8 2704Stored, subtype ?
UR-22467Mi.8S 1733Stored
UR-22518Mi.8S 721Stored
UR-24165Mi.8T 98941935Stored, UN fcs
UR-24218Mi.8T 98730395Stored
UR-24275Mi.8T  Stored, UN fcs
51 yeYak.50  Preserved at gate
37 rdYak.52 822304Stored
69 rdYak.52 822312Derelict
UR-BLAYak.52 899913Stored
UR-BLDYak.52 899914Stored
UR-BLHYak.52 9010708Stored
UR-BLI/62 yeYak.52 9010705Stored
UR-BLJYak.52 9010501Stored
14 blueYak.55 870301Stored
UR-BLLYak.55 911206Stored
UR-82895An.2RAvialiniï Ukraïny1G16912Stored
UR-14090Mi.2Avialiniï Ukraïny5210649078Stored, no rotor
UR-14091Mi.2Avialiniï Ukraïny5210650078Stored, no rotor
UR-25444Mi.8MTV-1Simferopol95583Rear fus. glass

Almost all aircraft in this field appear to be stored..

Simferopol-North 15 september 1996

CCCP-91566Il.14Aeroflot Preserved
RA-85292Tu.154B1Aviakompania Sibir78A-292 
UR-46359An.24B 07305809 
UR-46647An.24RVCrimea Airlines37309107 
UR-46675An.24RVCrimea Airlines47309607 
UR-46688An.24RVCrimea Airlines47309805 
UR-46742An.24Crimea Airlines47300804 
UR-47296An.24RVCrimea Airlines07306609 

In the evening at dusk on Guardeskoye, Su.17s were surprisingly found in AVMF markings that looked very operational. There were at least 24.

Guardyes’koye 15 september 1996

10 yeSu.17M3AVMF  
26 yeSu.17M3AVMF  
30 yeSu.17M3AVMF  
47 yeSu.17M3AVMF  
52 yeSu.17M3AVMF  
83 yeSu.17UM3AVMF  


Sevastopol viewed in a cloudburst in the morning and found to be OK. When we returned to the car after a few cups of coffee, it turned out that Sevastopolese are honest people. Hans had left the key to the car in the tailgate and no one had touched it. In the military museum they only had rockets and torpedoes, but no planes, so we had to look for Khersones. Because this tip of Crimea was forbidden for tourists until recently, it is not yet known what can be found here. And it will stay that way for a while, because we couldn’t find the field. We did find a DOSAAF field.

Sevastopol-Nikolaev 16 september 1996

03 yeAn.2TDOSAAF1G8510Stored
11 yeAn.2TDOSAAF1G8511Stored
12 yeAn.2TDOSAAF1G19615Stored
66 yeYak.50DOSAAF750503Preserved at gate
112 yeYak.52DOSAAF855912Stored
32 yeYak.52DOSAAF889115Stored
19 blMi.2FA549319075Stored
114 yeYak.52 8910012Stored
UR-BLSYak.52 867206Stored, DOSAAF
UR-BLTYak.52 867209Stored
UR-BLUYak.52 877712Stored
UR-BLVYak.52 878115Stored
UR-BLXYak.52 899415Stored
 Yak.55 890707Stored, Sp c/s
06 yeMi.2OSOU548316083Stored

Sevastopol-City 16 september 1996

29 rdMiG.19VVS Preserved

At Bel’bek we had more success with the planes than with the car. When the steering wheel started to shake, it turned out that a part had broken off at the stabilizer bar. While shaking we saw 9 Su.15s and 12 Su.27s. The planes are best seen from the vineyards north of the field.

Bel’bek 16 september 1996

46 yeMi.8TVVS Flying
35 blAn.24TEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Camo c/s
04 blueSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
05 blueSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
23 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
30 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
45 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
54 blSu.15UMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
56 blSu.15UMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
70 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
73 blSu.15TMEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
01 blueSu.27Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
02 blueSu.27Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
03 blueSu.27Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
05 blueSu.27Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
07 blueSu.27Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
08 blueSu.27Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
11 blueSu.27Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
12 blueSu.27Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
40 blSu.27UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
41 blSu.27UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
42 blSu.27UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
43 blSu.27UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  

Because it was getting late, we left the stabilizer bar for what it was and continued on towards Yevpatoria. In any case, because we wanted to reach Yevpatoria before dark, we would only do the fields on the way in passing. The first field we encountered where that was intended was Kacha. Because we saw 10 Be.12s and a whole horde of Mi.14s there, we took a closer look. Unfortunately, the yellow codes on light gray Mi.14s were difficult to read.

Kacha 16 september 1996

CCCP-11382An.12  Stored, grey c/s
02 yeBe.12AVMF  
20 yeBe.12AVMF  
22 yeBe.12AVMF  
25 yeBe.12AVMF  
28 yeBe.12AVMF  
29 yeBe.12AVMF  
68 yeBe.12AVMF  
99 yeBe.12AVMF  
11 yeMi.14AVMF  
21 yeMi.14AVMF No rotor
38 yeMi.14AVMF  
39 yeMi.14AVMF  
43 yeMi.14AVMF  
66 ye ?Mi.14AVMF  
01 blueAn.24VVS An 26 ??
46 blAn.26VVS  
47 blAn.26VVS  
52 blAn.26VVS  
54 blAn.26VVS  
55 blAn.26VVS  
56 blAn.26VVS  
57 blAn.26VVS  
 Il.14VVS Stored
46 yeMi.8TVVS  
52 yeMi.8TVVS  

At Saki, we lived up to the plan of not wasting time because at first sight there were only a few helos to score. The Yevpatoria grass track brought us considerably more than you would expect from a grass track. An extra surprise was that Be.12’s just have the c/n on it. Also very cool were the 5 Yak.38s here. Most of the planes didn’t look really airworthy anymore.

Yevpatoria 16 september 1996

17 yeBe.12AVMF8601002Stored
18 yeBe.12AVMF3602573Stored
20 yeBe.12AVMF0602003Stored
21 rdBe.12AVMF3802801Stored
30 yeBe.12AVMF9601502Stored
64 yeBe.12AVMF6600602Stored
72 yeBe.12AVMF7600702Stored
76 yeBe.12AVMF3502803Stored
84 yeBe.12AVMF0602102Stored
87 yeBe.12AVMF0601705Stored
88 yeBe.12AVMF Stored
90 yeBe.12AVMF0901904Stored
03 yeYak.38UAVMF Stored
09 yeYak.38UAVMF Stored
28 yeYak.38AVMF7977862706119Stored
36 yeYak.38AVMF7977864714289Stored
97 rdYak.38AVMF Derelict
45 blAn.26VVS6207 
 An.12  Stored, a/w, no mks.
11474An.12  Stored, Ukr. flag in tail
UR-11264An.12Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
21 whSu.25Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
24 rdSu.25Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
25 rdSu.25Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
54 whSu.25UBEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
31 rdSu.25Ukrainian Navy Stored
41 rdSu.25Ukrainian Navy Stored

In Krasnoparekopsk, which is roughly on the border between Crimea and the mainland, we ate in the best restaurant of the whole trip. Flashing Christmas lights from the windows and a disc jockey framed the best and almost cheapest food we’d seen so far.


The next morning in Cjurupyns’k I first had the stabilizer made, which cost 15 minutes of work, 2 hours of searching for a part at scrapyards in the area and 20 hriven.

Chernobayevka 17 september 1996

01 redMiG.19PVVS Preserved

At the next field, Chernobayevka-Gusakovka, we were stopped because we were watching Mi.6s on the “hard shoulder” along the road. At the nearby DAI post we had to wait for things to come. After about fifteen minutes we were directed onto the road, 2 trucks were picked off the road and in between we had to be escorted to the main office. In the rear truck, a Militsija agent accompanied us with our car papers. After waiting another two hours at the main office, a man finally came to ask for our passports. Then we were allowed to leave within 5 minutes, as long as we wouldn’t do that again. Just to be sure, we didn’t go to see it again when we passed it again on the way back.

Chernobayevka-Gusakovka 17 september 1996

CCCP-07475An.2 1G15150 ?Stored
CCCP-07750An.2  Stored
CCCP-32255An.2TP 1G9617 ?Stored
CCCP-32316An.2 1G9728 ?Stored
CCCP-33489An.2 1G22840 ?Stored
CCCP-62655An.2R 1G17857Stored
CCCP-70278An.2 1G13937 ?Stored
CCCP-70373An.2 1G14127 ?Stored
UR-02219An.2 1G23450Stored
UR-02222An.2 1G23453Stored
UR-02227An.2 1G23458Stored
UR-07463An.2 1G15138 ?Stored
UR-07522An.2 1G15250 ?Stored
UR-33488An.2 1G22839 ?Stored
UR-33491An.2R 1G22842 ?Stored
UR-33585An.2 1G23030Stored
UR-40392An.2R 1G22316Stored
UR-40404An.2R 1G22328Stored
UR-40782An.2R 1G17309Stored
UR-40863An.2 1G17438Stored
UR-40892An.2R 1G21529Stored
UR-43982An.2R 1G21059Stored
UR-68100An.2  Stored
UR-70391An.2 1G15145 ?Stored
UR-82816An.2 1G16648 ?Stored
UR-82897An.2R 1G16914Stored
UR-84612An.2 1G19044 ?Stored
50 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
62 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
65 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni726403V 
67 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni7683202V 
68 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
69 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
70 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
74 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni6682501VDerelict
75 rdMi.6VKPEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
77 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni0618 
80 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni5682401V 
83 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni3681306V 
84 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni8683605V 
88 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni3681505V 
90 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni4681909V 
91 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni3681307V 
92 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni3681501V 
94 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni2681108V 
95 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni1030603V 
96 rdMi.6Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
05 redMi.8TEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
17 rdMi.8TEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
18 rdMi.8TEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
27 rdMi.8TEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
37 rdMi.8MTEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
39 rdMi.8MTEbrojni Sili Ukraïni  
UR-67128L.410UVPUkraine Flight State Academy790324N/t

None of the c/n’s of the An.2’s are in Guus’ Russian book, but the c/n’s looked up here are calculated c/n’s with a very high probability. (safely) to be calculated. On the next field it went a lot better with the DAI, we did not see them. We did see a lot of Tu.22s and a few Tu.16s in pieces on Nikolaev-Kulbakino, and Rick split the exhaust manifold in half.

Mikolaev-Kulbakino 17 september 1996

01 redTu.16  Derelict
02Tu.16  Derelict
05Tu.16  Derelict
09 redTu.16  Derelict
14 redTu.16  Derelict
17Tu.16  Derelict
18 rd (2)Tu.22M2  Stored
23 rdTu.22  Derelict
23 rdTu.22  Derelict
22 rdSu.24Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
23 yeSu.24Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
39 rdSu.24Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
68 rdSu.24Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored
01 redTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
02 redTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
05 redTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
06 redTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
07 redTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
08 redTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
10 redTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
11 redTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
14 redTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
15 rdTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
18 rdTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
22 rdTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
26 rdTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
29 rdTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
30 rdTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
48 rdTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
56 rdTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
71 rdTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
73 rdTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  
81 rdTu.22M2Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni  

The Tu22M2s with Ukrainian roundel looked very operational. At the repair shop where we happened to be in front of the door, we were shaken with pity on the head and it was made clear to us that this was really beyond repair, and that a new part was probably in this regions could not be found. While the men went to work to at least secure our exhaust so that we could drive it into town, Sacha, the owner of the garage, arrived, thinking that they would try to fix the car the next morning. One of the mechanics then took us to the most expensive, and worst, hotel of the trip with the promise to pick us up again the next morning between 8 and 9 am. It cost $50 for a two-person room and the showers/taps/toilets in the room were not watering. Then first have a meal in the hotel restaurant. We got tasty crab sticks, an inferior schnitzel and extremely gross shaslick for a whopping 115 hriven. Back at the hotel, after having moved from room to room 3 times, we ended up under a very drizzly trickle of cold water. By the time we got to brushing our teeth, the water had already run out. In the middle of the night it turned out that we had not turned off the taps and shower when suddenly there was water again. The hotel had one advantage: it had a large city map with photos of the city’s sights. There was also a photo of an Il.18 that served as a cinema somewhere in the city. It also stated that a MiG.17 is preserved at the civil airfield (I seem to remember that it had a code ’01’ on it).


The next morning between 8 and 9: no mechanic to pick us up. Between 9 and 10: no mechanic. Between 10 and 11 …… then we took a taxi to the garage where it turned out that they had already started with our car and that the manifold had already been dismantled. To kill the time and maybe see some planes, we then just walked a bit in the direction of the field. This brisk walk (4 hours) was quite rewarding.

Mikolaev-Kulbakino 18 september 1996

CCCP-76765Il.76MDAeroflot Stored, regi pres. as P-76765
37 yeBe.12AVMF Stored
27 rdTu.142MRAVMF Stored
28 rdTu.142MRAVMF Stored
11963An.12BP  a/w; Ukr.flag
86612Il.62 41804Stored, SU c/s, Ukr.flag
86438Il.76  Stored
UR-76726 ??Il.76MD  Stored, SU fcs
85008Tu.154 7-09Stored
90 rdTu.22M2  Stored, Nationality ?
28 rdSu.24Ebrojni Sili Ukraïni Stored

When we returned, the gentlemen had welded the manifold back together (cast iron welding is possible anyway) and the reassembly of the engine had just started. After several cups of coffee and frankfurters in the adjacent cafeteria, the work was finished and payment could be made. The price was 170 hrives in total but $100 was also sufficient. After paying we had to have a drink with Sacha and Vladimir, the local police chief. More than 2 bottles of vodka, some sausage, fish, biscuits and an in-depth conversation with Vladimir about the beneficial effects of vodka later, we left for Odessa. But not before we checked in the city of Nikolaev whether the Il.18 of the map was indeed there. It did, only it was now a bar and no longer a cinema. Although we did not visit the civilian airport due to all the delay, we assume that the MiG.17 will be there.

Mikolaev-City 18 september 1996

CCCP-75844Il.18Aeroflot182005304 ?Preserved as bar


In Odessa, Rick finally managed to get him to fly somewhere. Only at the end of the negotiations ($50,- for 15 minutes Yak.52) we found out that this was possible tomorrow morning at the earliest, and that was of course not possible. So unfortunately.

Odessa-Lyman 19 september 1996

CCCP-44551Yak.18T 22202040065Derelict
79 bkAn.2 1G23943Stored, SU c/s + star
09 yeMi.2DOSAAF546319099Stored
32 yeMi.2DOSAAF546336109Stored
59 blYak.50DOSAAF853101Derelict
109 redYak.52DOSAAF855909Stored
109 yeYak.52DOSAAF878007Stored
110 yeYak.52DOSAAF878008Stored
12 yeYak.52DOSAAF867102Stored
137 blueYak.52DOSAAF844902Stored
148 yeYak.52DOSAAF889301Stored
26 yeYak.52DOSAAF899414Stored
58 yeYak.52DOSAAF9010701Stored
74 yeYak.52DOSAAF9010801Stored
98 yeYak.52DOSAAF899911Stored
15 blYak.55DOSAAF870302Stored
03 yeMi.2FA546305089Stored
 An.2 1G23559Stored, UR
UR-BSQ/29 yeMi.2 546324099Stored
28 blYak.50 842710Derelict
 Yak.52 811212Stored
 Yak.52 889107Stored, Ukr. flag
144 yeYak.52 856114Derelict
26 yeYak.52 9010414Stored
59 yeYak.52 9010702Stored, Ukr. flag
UR-BLRYak.52 856113 
UR-BRTAn.2OSOU14847320Stored, c/n painted as “1G4847320”
UR-BSK/62 bkAn.2TTSOU1G19560Stored

Adam Opel’s next surprise was a bent front right brake disc. If the brakes were applied too frequently or too hard, the disc would glow red and the steering wheel would pull. But not much more braking than, and skipping some fields to end up back in the civilized world as soon as possible (Poland).

Ivangorod 19 september 1996

CCCP-21805Mi.8TAeroflot Derelict, green cheatline + titles

Gajsin-Barracks 19 september 1996

86 rdMiG.17  Preserved at gate

Vinnitsija-Gavrishovka 19 september 1996

CCCP-67605L.410UVP-EAeroflot892216Stored, no eng.
CCCP-67642L.410UVP-EAeroflot902435Stored, no eng.
HA-LABL.410UVPAir Service Hungary820835 
UR-67340L.410UVPAvialiniï Ukraïny820840 
UR-11351An.12BPEbrojni Sili Ukraïni401809 ? 
UR-11352An.12PEbrojni Sili Ukraïni401810 ? 


Today, due to the condition of the car, only looked at Ternopol and made a 10-minute flight with Valentin with a Mi.2 for $36,-. While flying above the center of Ternopol we suddenly saw a Tu.16 preserved in the middle of a park that we later subjected to a closer inspection on the ground. We would never have found it without a sightseeing flight because it cannot be seen from the road.

Ternopol 20 september 1996

CCCP-01669An.2TP 1G8336Derelict
CCCP-70544An.2R 1G14520Derelict
CCCP-14120Mi.2 5210831029Stored
CCCP-14303Mi.2 546103039Stored, star
CCCP-20395Mi.2 529842076Stored
CCCP-20770Mi.2 547807082Stored
CCCP-20835Mi.2 548108033Stored
CCCP-20882Mi.2 528303073Stored
CCCP-20936Mi.2 548618034Stored
CCCP-23391Mi.2 528901094Stored
CCCP-23392Mi.2 528902094Stored
CCCP-23393Mi.2 528903094Stored
UR-02757An.2TP 1G12535SU c/s; n/t
UR-35031An.2TP 1G10937carries c/n 1G13034; SU fcs
UR-35070An.2TP 1G11036SU c/s; n/t
UR-41352An.2TP 1G6527 
UR-56506An.2R 1G18304 
UR-62507An.2R 1G17530 
UR-68071An.2R 1G19341 
UR-68106An.2R 1G19511 
UR-84770An.2R 1G20232 
UR-14119Mi.2 5210830029 
UR-14121Mi.2 5210832029 
UR-14249Mi.2 521113605 
UR-15615Mi.2 529950106 
UR-23511Mi.2 525914118 
UR-41323An.2TPUniversal Avia1G6438 
UR-14304Mi.2Universal Avia546133049In gevlogen
UR-23390Mi.2Universal Avia528836084 
UR-23483Mi.2Universal Avia526242089 

Ternopol-City 20 september 1996

 MiG.15VVS Preserved

Ternopol-Parc 20 september 1996

 Tu.16PDA5202819Preserved, subtype ?

Zolochiv 20 september 1996

20 yeMi.8TEbrojni Sili Ukraïni Flying

On the way to the border, we did see the field near L’viv in the distance, but due to the possible waiting time at the border, we stopped looking. After we had eaten something in the last Ukrainian village (why is there no line here yet), we suddenly came face to face with the first customs officer (still no line) and an hour later we drove into Poland. Via Rzezov, Krakow and Wroclaw we drove home more or less like a straight line.

Rzeszow-Jaslonka 20 september 1996

RA-23665Mi.2  Stored
RA-23666Mi.2 544122045Stored
RA-23667Mi.2 544119045Stored
RA-23668Mi.2 544115045Stored
RA-23669Mi.2 544120045Stored
RA-23670Mi.2 544131055Stored
RA-23671Mi.2 544439105Stored
RA-23673Mi.2 545429117Stored
RA-23674Mi.2 546101039Stored
RA-23675Mi.2 548446123Stored
SP-TWAAn.2T 1G17250 
SP-TWBAn.2T 1G17443 
SP-TWCAn.2TP 1G17737 
SP-TWDAn.2TP 1G17738 
SP-TWLAn.2P 1G18154 
SP-TWMAn.2T 1G18835 
SP-TWNAn.2T 1G19501 
SP-SPUMi.2 535747098 
SP-TWUPZL.104-35A 16800533 
SP-TWXPZL.104-35A 17830689 
SP-TWZPZL.104-35A 17820688 
SP-TZAPZL.104-35A 17830758 
SP-TZBPZL.104-35A 18830759 
SP-TZDPZL.104-35A 19840810 
SP-TULTB.9 1722 


Krakow-Muzeum Lotnictwa 21 september 1996

D-IRIKCurtis Hawk II H81Preserved, fus. only
NG URAlbatros B.IIaLuftwaffe10019Preserved, fake PWL c/s “1302/16”
C.I.197/15Albatros C.ILuftwaffe Preserved, F16
C.12250/17Aviatik C.IIILuftwaffe1996Preserved
15459/17Halberstadt CL.IILuftwaffe1046Preserved
2225/18Roland D.VIBLuftwaffe2225 ?Preserved
 LVG B.IILuftwaffe Preserved
T8209/10DH.82ARAF Preserved, small PWL mks.
SM411/AU-YSpitfire LF.XVIeRAF Preserved
B7280Sopwith F.1 CamelRFC Preserved, in 1995 noted as “F5234”
49-2983/TA-983T-6GUS Air Force168-87Preserved
262Grigorovich M.15Imperial Russian Air ServiceR11C262Preserved
2 rdPo.2LNBVVS641-646Preserved, small PWL mks.
SP-LXCAero Super 45 03002Preserved
SP-TNAAero 145 172006Preserved
SP-AFOBü.131B 13113Preserved
SP-GLCCe.T.50  Preserved
SP-GILGIL BZ-1  Preserved
 JK.1 2Preserved
SP-PBLMD.12F 0004Preserved
SP-SAPSM.2 504032Preserved
 M.15 1S00601Preserved
SP-PAKM.4P 1/3Preserved
SP-BNURWD.13 283Preserved
SP-BPERWD.21  Preserved
SP-AAGSzpak 4T 48-004Preserved
SP-PBBS.4 Kania 3 02Preserved
SP-BPLTS.9 Junak 3 13-9578Preserved
SP-ASZYak.12M 5013Preserved
SP-AOPYak.18U EM005Preserved
SP-ARMZ.26 640Preserved
SP-SADSM.1WInstitut LotniczwaS101003Preserved
SP-LXHAero 145Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe172011Preserved
SP-AXTCSS.13Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe9-3505Preserved
SP-NXAL.200Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe170918Preserved
SP-FXAL.60Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe150723Preserved
617/CMi.4MPWL/LMW Preserved
4Avia B.33PWL/WLOP3061Preserved
511Mi.4APWL/WLOP Preserved
81-123PWS.26PWL/WLOP Preserved
1007TS.11-100Bis BPWL/WLOP1H1007Preserved
 Tu.2SPWL/WLOP Preserved
16Yak.23PWL/WLOP Preserved
00852F-5ENorth Vietnam AFR.1033Preserved
87916A-37BNorth Vietnam AF43063Preserved
SP-AXTCSS S.13 (Po 2)Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe9-3505 
02Yak.17WPWL/WLOP Preserved

Krakow-Balice 21 september 1996

D-GJFNPA.34-220T 34-8133061 
D-IAMBBe.200Aviation LeasingBB.790 
SP-WXNMi.2Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe513902015 
1509An.26PWL/WLOP1509Red nose
1604An.26PWL/WLOP1604Stored, no eng.
1003An.28TDPWL/WLOP1AJB00101 ? 

Wroclaw-Strachowice 21 september 1996

8007MiG.21MFPWL/WLOP968007Preserved at gate
1807TS.11-200SB Bis DPWL/WLOP3H1807 

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