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The F-16 in Dutch service

There were in total 214 F-16’s enlisted in the Dutch Air Force. These are all of them with pictures of the ones I got in front of my lense. Nowhere near completeness, but quite a few nonetheless. (112 to be exact, as off March 23rd, 2024)

J-001 F-16A w/o 19-07-20

J-002 F-16A scrapped

J-003 F-16A

J-004 F-16A

J-005 F-16A

J-006 F-16A

J-007 F-16A w/o 10-01-92

J-008 F-16A

J-009 F-16A i/a Woensdrecht

J-010 F-16A

J-011 F-16A

J-012 F-16A w/o 10-01-96

J-013 F-16A

J-014 F-16A

J-015 F-16A

J-016 F-16A

J-017 F-16A

J-018 F-16A

J-019 F-16A

J-020 F-16A

J-021 F-16A wfu

J-054 F-16A w/o 11-02-92

J-055 F-16A

J-056 F-16A w/o 19-04-89

J-057 F-16A to Jordan

J-058 F-16A to Chile

J-059 F-16A w/o 22-12-99

J-060 F-16A

J-061 F-16A i/a Leeuwarden

J-062 F-16A

J-063 F-16A wfu

J-064 F-16B

J-065 F-16B scrapped

J-066 F-16B store NMM

J-067 F-16B

J-068 F-16B w/o 21-09-06

J-135 F-16A scrapped

J-136 F-16A

J-137 F-16A to Chile

J-138 F-16A to Chile

J-139 F-16A to Chile

J-140 F-16A w/o 21-05-98

J-141 F-16A to Chile

J-142 F-16A scrapped

J-143 F-16A to Chile

J-144 F-16A wfu

J-145 F-16A to Jordan

J-146 F-16A

J-192 F-16A to Chile

J-193 F-16A to Jordan

J-194 F-16A to Chile

J-195 F-16A w/o 10-02-93

J-196 F-16A i/a Volkel

J-197 F-16A

J-198 F-16A to Chile

J-199 F-16A to Jordan

J-200 F-16A w/o 28-02-91

J-201 F-16A wfu

J-202 F-16A stored Volkel

J-203 F-16A to Chile

J-204 F-16A to Chile

J-205 F-16A to Chile

J-206 F-16A w/o 15-06-01


J-207 F-16A to Chile

J-208 F-16B to Jordan

J-209 F-16B

J-210 F-16B

J-211 F-16B to Chile

J-212 F-16A scrapped

J-213 F-16A scrapped

J-214 F-16A scrapped

J-215 F-16A preserved Soesterberg

J-216 F-16A w/o 10-03-80

J-217 F-16A w/o 17-07-81

J-218 F-16A i/a Rijswijk

J-219 F-16A i/a Leeuwarden

J-220 F-16A scrapped

J-221 F-16A scrapped

J-222 F-16A i/a Volkel

J-223 F-16A i/a Woensdrecht

J-224 F-16A w/o 26-04-83

J-225 F-16A w/o 21-03-83

J-226 F-16A stored Woensdrecht

J-227 F-16A w/o 16-04-83

J-228 F-16A preserved Leeuwarden

J-229 F-16A i/a Volkel

J-230 F-16A preserved USA

J-231 F-16A scrapped

J-232 F-16A i/a Woensdrecht

J-233 F-16A w/o 20-10-81

J-234 F-16A i/a Zwolle

J-235 F-16A i/a Eindhoven

J-236 F-16A i/a Hoofddorp

J-237 F-16A w/o 03-06-81

J-238 F-16A preserved Eindhoven

J-239 F-16A scrapped

J-240 F-16A preserved Volkel

J-241 F-16A stored Eindhoven as J-315

J-242 F-16A i/a Kjevik

J-243 F-16A i/a Aviolanda

J-244 F-16A w/o 17-11-86

J-245 F-16A preserved Ramstein

J-246 F-16A preserved Volkel

J-247 F-16A scrapped

J-248 F-16A i/a Woensdrecht

J-249 F-16A i/a Maastricht

J-250 F-16A i/a Woensdrecht

J-251 F-16A scrapped

J-252 F-16A w/o 4-10-83

J-253 F-16A scrapped

J-254 F-16A scrapped

J-255 F-16A to Chile

J-256 F-16A scrapped

J-257 F-16A scrapped

J-258 F-16A w/o 10-5-90

J-259 F-16B i/a Woensdrecht

J-260 F-16B preserved Woensdrecht

J-261 F-16B scrapped

J-262 F-16B scrapped

J-263 F-16B std NMM

J-264 F-16B scrapped

J-265 F-16B std NMM

J-266 F-16B i/a Leeuwarden

J-267 F-16B to Jordan

J-268 F-16A i/a Volkel

J-269 F-16B to Jordan

J-270 F-16B to Jordan

J-271 F-16B w/o 11-12-84

J-358 F-16A w/o 10-5-90

J-359 F-16A w/o 23-9-92

J-360 F-16A to Chile

J-361 F-16A w/o 23-9-99

J-362 F-16A wfu

J-363 F-16A w/o 19-7-06

J-364 F-16A w/o 31-8-06

J-365 F-16A to Chile

J-366 F-16A

J-367 F-16A

J-368 F-16B

J-369 F-16B

J-508 F-16A

J-509 F-16A wfu

J-510 F-16A to Jordan

J-511 F-16A wfu

J-512 F-16A

J-513 F-16A i/a Leeuwarden

J-514 F-16A

J-515 F-16A

J-516 F-16A

J-616 F-16A stored Volkel

J-617 F-16A to Chile


J-618 F-16A w/o 26-5-92

J-619 F-16A to Chile

J-620 F-16A to Chile

J-621 F-16A w/o 3-6-85

J-622 F-16A to Chile

J-623 F-16A to Jordan

J-624 F-16A i/a Kleine Brogel

J-625 F-16A w/o 4-6-88

J-626 F-16A w/o 13-6-86

J-627 F-16A to Chile

J-628 F-16A i/a Volkel

J-629 F-16A w/o 15-4-86

J-630 F-16A to civil

J-631 F-16A scrapped

J-632 F-16A wfu

J-633 F-16A to Chile

J-634 F-16A w/o 28-5-84

J-635 F-16A scrapped

J-636 F-16A to Chile

J-637 F-16A to Jordan

J-638 F-16A to Jordan

J-639 F-16A w/o 11-2-88

J-640 F-16A scrapped

J-641 F-16A

J-642 F-16A scrapped

J-643 F-16A scrapped

J-644 F-16A wfu

J-645 F-16A w/o 9-8-93

J-646 F-16A wfu

J-647 F-16A i/a KMSL

J-648 F-16A to Chile

J-649 F-16B to Chile

J-650 F-16B to Jordan

J-651 F-16B scrapped

J-652 F-16B to Chile

J-653 F-16B to Jordan

J-654 F-16B to Jordan

J-655 F-16B to Chile

J-656 F-16B to Chile

J-657 F-16B to Chile

J-710 F-16A w/o 21-11-90

J-864 F-16A to Chile


J-865 F-16A w/o 3-6-85

J-866 F-16A preserved Breda

J-867 F-16A to Chile

J-868 F-16A to Jordan

J-869 F-16A to Chile

J-870 F-16A to Jordan

J-871 F-16A to civil

J-872 F-16A to Jordan

J-873 F-16A to Jordan

J-874 F-16A to Chile

J-875 F-16A to Chile

J-876 F-16A to Jordan

J-877 F-16A i/a leeuwarden

J-878 F-16A to Chile

J-879 F-16A wfu

J-880 F-16A w/o 21-5-91

J-881 F-16A scrapped

J-882 F-16B

J-884 F-16B to Jordan

J-885 F-16B to Chile

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