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The Queen of the sky, Boeing 747’s of the world

ACT Airlines

B.747-400F, ACT Airlines, Schiphol, September 2nd 2016

Aerolineas Argentinas

B.747-200, Aerolineas Argentinas, Paris-CDG, August 9th 1997
B.747-400, Aerolineas Argentinas, Madrid-Barajas, October 28th 2007


B.747-400, Aerotranscargo, Brussels, July 14th 2021

Air Bridge Cargo

B.747-400, Air Bridge Cargo, Schiphol, April 29th 2017
B.747-800, Air bridge Cargo, Frankfurt, December 30th 2019

Air China

B.747-400, Air China, LAX, August 10th 2009

Air China Cargo

B.747-400, Air China Cargo, LAX, May 17th 2013

Air France

B.747-400, Air France, Paris-Orly, January 20th 2007

Air Hong Kong

B.747-100, Air Hong Kong, Brussels, November 4th 1994
Boeing 747-200, Air Hong Kong, Brussels, June 5th 1995

Air India

Boeing 747-400, Air India, Delhi – Indira Ghandi, August 23rd 1994

Air Madagascar

Boeing 747-200, Air Madagascar, Paris Charles de Gaulle, June 5th 1995

Air Pacific

B.747-400, Air Pacific, LAX, August 10th 2009

All Nippon Airways

B.747-200, All Nippon Airways, Frankfurt, March 25th 2000.

Asiana Airlines

B.747-400, Asiana Airlines, Frankfurt, December 30th 2014

Asiana Cargo

B.747-400. Asiana Cargo, Schiphol, June 28th 2009

Atlas Air

B.747-800, Atlas Air, Schiphol, May 19th 2019

British Airways

B.747-400, British Airways, London-Heathrow, July 5th 2015
B.747-400, British Airways (One World), LAX, August 10th 2009


B.747-400, Cargolux, Schiphol, November 23rd 2013
B.747-400, Cargolux Italia, Schiphol, November 30th 2023
B.747-800, Cargolux, Schiphol, October 21st 2023

Cathay Pacific

B.747-400, Cathay Pacific, Paris-CDG, August 10th 1997

Cathay Pacific Cargo

B.747-400, Cathay Pacific Cargo, Paris-CDG, January 21st 2007
B.747-400, Cathay Pacific Cargo, LAX, August 4th 2014
B.747-800, Cathay Pacific Cargo, Schiphol, December 28th 2014

China Airlines

B.747-400, China Airlines, LAX, August 11th 2009
B.747-400, China Airlines, Schiphol, May 1st 2009

China Airlines Cargo

B.747-400, China Airlines Cargo, Schiphol, March 4th 2020

Corsair Fly

B.747-400, Corsair Fly, Marseille-Marignane, June 30th 2011

Delta Air Lines

B.747-400, Delta Air Lines, LAX, August 4th 2014

Dragonair Cargo

B.747-300, Dragonair Cargo, Schiphol, August 5th 2007

Emirates Skycargo

B.747-400, Emirates Skycargo, Schiphol, December 7th 2008

Eva Air Cargo

B.747-400, Eva Air Cargo, Frankfurt, September 16th 2012

Garuda Indonesia

B.747-200, Garuda Indonesia, Schiphol, August 8th 1987
B.747-400, Garuda Indonesia, Paris-CDG, August 10th 1997

Iran Air

B.747-200, Iran Air, Paris-Orly, August 10th 1997

Jade Cargo

B.747-400, Jade Cargo, Schiphol, December 30th 2008

Japan Airlines Cargo

B.747-400, Japan Airlines Cargo, Schiphol, August 5th 2007

Japanese Air Self Defense Force

B.747-400, Japanese Air Self Defense Force, Zürich-Kloten, January 28th 2008

Kalitta Air

B.747-200, Kalitta Air, Schiphol, April 12th 2009
B.747-400, Kalitta Air, Schiphol, November 11th 2016


B.747-200, KLM, Schiphol, August 8th 1987
B.747-400, KLM, Schiphol, November 26th 2000
B.747-400, KLM, Schiphol, March 17th 2012
B.747-40 KLM, Schiphol. April 19th 2019

KLM Asia

B.747-400, KLM Asia, Schiphol, March 17th 2012

KLM Cargo

Boeing 747-400, KLM Cargo, Schiphol, May 9th 2009
Boeing 747-400, KLM Cargo, Schiphol, September 24th 2023

Korean Air

B.747-400, Korean Air, Chicago-O’Hare, August 2nd 2009

Korean Air Cargo

B.747-400, Korean Air Cargo, Frankfurt, September 16th 2012


B.747-400, Lufthansa, Frankfurt, December 30th, 2019
B.747-400, Lufthansa, Frankfurt, December 30th 2019
B.747-800, Lufthansa, Frankfurt, December 30th 2019
B.747-800, Lufthansa, Frankfurt, July 4th 2021

Magma Aviation

B.747-400, Magma Aviation, Frankfurt, October 16th 2021

Malaysia Airlines Kargo

B.747-400, Malaysia Airlines Kargo, Schiphol, August 5th 2007


B.747-200, Martinair, Schiphol, August 20th 1995

Martinair Cargo

B.747-400, Martinair Cargo, Schiphol, August 5th 2007

Nippon Cargo Airlines

B.747-800, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Schiphol, July 18th 2021

Northwest Airlines

B.747-400, Northwest Airlines, Schiphol, April 12th 2009

Olympic Airways

B.747-200, Olympic Airways, Schiphol, June 1st 1995

Pan Am

B.747-100, Pan Am, London Heathrow, March 10th 1988

Polar Air Cargo

B.747-400, Polar Air Cargo, Schiphol, August 5th 2007


B.747-200, Pronair, Valencia, August 24th 2018

Pullmantur Air

B.747-400, Pullmantur Air, London-Gatwick, July 6th 2012


B.747-400, Qantas, Frankfurt, September 6th 1992

Royal Air Maroc

B.747-400, Royal Air Maroc, Paris-orly, June 14th 2009

Saudi Arabian Airlines Cargo

B.747-200, Saudi Arabian Airlines Cargo, Schiphol, May 12th 2012
B.747-400, Saudi Arabian Airlines Cargo, Frankfurt, September 16th 2012

Singapore Airlines Cargo

B.747-400, Singapore Airlines Cargo, Schiphol, August 4th 2022

SF Airlines

B.747-400, SF Airlines, Frankfurt, December 22nd 2022

Silk Way West Airlines

B.747-800F, Silk Way West Airlines, Schiphol, October 8th 2016

Southern Air

B.747-200, Southern Air, Miami, February 15th 2007

Surinam Airways

B.747-300, Surinam Airways, Schiphol, December 30th 2008


B.747-SP, Syrianair, Abu Dhabi, July 10th 1998

Thai Airways

B.747-400, Thai Airways (Star Alliance), Paris-CDG, March 7th 2010
B.747-400, Thai Airways (retro), Frankfurt, September 16th 2012

TNT Airways

B.747-400, TNT Airways, Frankfurt, January 27th 2008

United Airlines

B.747-400, United Airlines, LAX, August 10th 2009

United Parcel Service

B.747-100, United Parcel Service, Schiphol, January 27th 1996
B.747-400, United Parcel Service, Köln-Bonn, July 4th 2021
B.747-800, United Parcel Service, Köln-Bonn, July 4th 2021

United States Air Force

Boeing YAL-1A, United States Air Force, Davis Monthan, July 29th 2014


B.747-300, Varig, Schiphol, June 15th 1993

Virgin Atlantic

B.747-400, Virgin Atlantic, LAX, August 4th 2014

Yangtze River Airlines

B.747-400, Yangtze River Airlines, Schiphol, May 19th 2017

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