Been doing some more scanning of old slides lately, and here’s the result. These were made at various locations in the early 1980’s.

Tactical Air Meet 1984, Gilze-Rijen Airbase. Two Canadian Starfighters on close final.
Tactical Air Meet 1984, Gilze-Rijen Airbase. A US Air Force F-111E based on Upper Heyford (UK) on close final.
Tactical Air Meet 1984, Gilze-Rijen Airbase. Belgian HS.748 on close final.
Swissair Fokker 100 at Köln-Bonn Airport.
Aeronavale F-8F(FN) Crusader at the ramp on Nancy – Ochey AB, airshow 1986.
Beechcraft C-12 at Soesterberg AB.
Fokker F-27 Friendship at Soesterberg.
US Air Force F-15D Eagle landing at Soesterberg.
English Electric Canberra from the Royal Air Force, probably at Wildenrath in Germany.
US Air Force F-16A Fighting Falcon on the taxitrack at Soesterberg. Lomng way from home since this one is based at Torejon in Spain.
Norwegian Air Force Sea King, a rare visit to Soesterberg.
Another F-15C Eagle overhead Soesterberg AB. Markings on the nose indicate that this aircraft participated in an excersize called “the William Tell Meet”.
Canadians were not too common in those days at Soesterberg, even though they were based in Germany (Lahr AB).
German F-104G Starfighter taxiing to the runway at Soesterberg.
Malev Tupolev Tu.154B
KLM Boeing B.747-206B
US Air Force F-15D Eagle at Soesterberg
US Army AH-64A Apache seen here during an airshow
Luftwaffe Boeing B.707 at Köln - Bonn Airport where they were based.
Luftwaffe Boeing B.707 at Köln – Bonn Airport where they were based.

Low Flying Area 5, the Netherlands (GLV-V)

Recently I was able to visit GLV-V at the Oirschotse Hei in the Netherlands on two separate occasions. Both times I was lucky to find helicopter practicing there. This area is open to the public, although caution is necessary to keep things safe. Below is a map where you can find a parking spot along the Eindhovensedijk in Oirschot. The red stars represent the locations the helicopters were practicing on these occasions, although any other spot is possible too. Once you get into the field, just follow the noise and you’ll find the choppers. If you’re lucky they repeat their routine several times, so you can reach the spot in time to catch the next go around. If you’re not so lucky…. you can run up and down these dunes forever chasing choppers. Good luck!


June 2nd, 2015





July 14th, 2015







London Heathrow

An enjoyable afternoon at London Heathrow Airport. On the map below the positions I took these photos can be seen. The landing shots are from position 1 (a dead end street called Myrtle Avenue), the take shots from position 2 (Esso gas station along Southern Perimeter Road). Be aware that the southern runway is used for landing from early in the morning until 3PM, after that the northern one is used. What I did was start at position 1 and at 3 PM switch to position 2.

11143340_10205973375506566_1681458153580819316_o 11218582_10205973377826624_7726594353067120920_o 11223629_10205973376146582_1330588185961764980_o 11230976_10205973374906551_4913757128655803199_o 11243796_10205973374346537_3306675322625713806_o 11412111_10205973376306586_4662821823569439065_o 11539084_10205973375546567_7285185163308663564_o 11698943_10205973376186583_4649885672530950558_o 11699054_10205973375426564_386646641172191207_o 11700737_10205973374866550_9168982469206534060_o 11700795_10205973374266535_5755813683579993110_o 11705573_10205973377386613_6900998032491006506_o 11713820_10205973378626644_2000298848181287917_o 11717374_10205973379586668_2931016926248903301_o 11717459_10205973378906651_4184272252383107230_o 11717496_10205973378866650_2479366723246135018_o 11722323_10205973377146607_8981977987839148012_o 11722380_10205973377426614_4565820507264166195_o 11728727_10205973377906626_4128318044368013466_o 11732023_10205973377786623_2862133402780966196_o 11741062_10205973374186533_4355638747733346978_o

LAX as seen from In-n-Out Burger

To conclude my trip to California in the summer of 2014 I stayed at LAX om my departure date (August 4th), since my flight back home wasn’t leaving untill 10PM anyways. Below are the pictures from my favorite spotting location at LAX, the parking lot at In-n-Out Burger. Below is a map which also shows your position to the runway.

The photo’s:

LAX as seen from Imperial Highway

To conclude my trip to California in the summer of 2014 I stayed at LAX om my departure date (August 4th), since my flight back home wasn’t leaving untill 10PM anyways. Started at my second favorite spotting location at LAX, along Imperial Highway. The spot isn’t actually on Imperial Highway, but on East Imperial Avenue. Go there and you’ll see the sidewalk with benches and trashcans to make your stay comfortable. Below is a map which also shows your position to the runway.

After staying here for some 2,5 hours I moved to another spot. Those pictures will follow in another post.

The photo’s: