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Mikoyan Gurevich MiG.29UB, Magyar Légierő, Kecskemet

Hungarian MiG.29UB landing at Kecskemet in 1997.

Lockheed C-141B Starlifter, US Air Force, Soesterberg

June 29th, 1984. A Lockheed C-141B Starlifter is hitting the brakes at Soesterberg AB in the Netherlands.

Northrop NF-5B Freedom Fighter, KLu, Soesterberg

In 1983 the NF-5’s from Twente were temporarily operating from Soesterberg because of runway repairs at their homebase. Here’s a B model on the taxitrack.

Antonov 12BP, VVS, Sperenberg

In May 1993 this Antonov 12BP was seen in unusual colors at Sperenberg in former East Germany.

McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR2, Royal Air Force, Soesterberg

British Phantom FGR2 on Soesterberg’s taxitrack in June 1985 during a squadron rotation.

Sud Aviation SA.3160 Alouette III, KLu, Soesterberg

A rare sight of a KLu Alouette III hovering along the taxitrack at Soesterberg in 1982.

Agusta A129 Mangusta, Esercito, Fairford

Agusta A129 Mangusta operated by the Italian Esercito parked at the International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in 1995.

MiG.27D Flogger, VVS, Großenhain

Russian VVS MiG.27D Flogger landing at Großenhain in January 1993.

Tupolev Tu.134A-3, VVS, Sperenberg

Russian VVS Tupolev Tu.134A-3 at Sperenberg (Germany) in May 1993.

McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle, US Air Force, Soesterberg

On August 19th, 1983, this F-15C Eagle from Bitburg left Soesterberg banking slightly southward above the runway.